Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state
(2017-01-28, 20:11)ColonelSceneCut Wrote: It all depends what "easier" means to you.

Thanks for the reply!

By "no easier" I basically just meant "just as easy". But now that I think about it, as you said, with a main screen shortcut for WL it is a bit faster to manually run WL after watching a show. I don't have to navigate to the archive folder to find the show after moving it like I've been doing before finding WL.

But I was hoping for something fully automatic.

I can't find a good explanation of "follow user setting". Does it detect the user manually toggling the watched state and update the WL db immediately? Could I just press "w" twice after watching a show? The first press would set it unwatched, and the second would set it watched again. If this would update the WL db right away, that would be easier than leaving the slow list to get to the WL shortcut. The code looks like it might be nearly immediate.

I was surprised that the minimum interval to autorun WL is 3 hours. A manual run on my server takes about 3 seconds. If I could set WL to run every minute or two I'd be happy. It would not be a load on my server even with a much larger video collection (for which I don't have the disk space). I think all I have to do is change 3600 to 60 in the "periodic execution" stanza and the interval becomes minutes instead of hours:

PHP Code:
elif utils.getSetting("starttype") == '2'# periodic execution
if executioncount == 0# with periodic execution, one update after startup and then periodic
sleeptime 0
sleeptime float(utils.getSetting("interval")) * 3600 # wait interval until next startup in [seconds]
                        # wait and then update again
utils.log(u'wait %d seconds until next update' sleeptime)
utils.showNotification(utils.getString(32101), utils.getString(32003)%(sleeptime/3600))
# no autostart, only watch user
sleeptime 3600 # arbitrary time for infinite loop 
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