Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state

I wrote a web interface for moving watched shows to my archive. I often do that from my phone or the Kodi box (Minix Android) while still sitting on the couch at the end of a show. I suppose manually running WL from a shortcut might be less stressful than waiting 67 seconds! lol

I could add an SQL command to my file move script to set the watched flag in the Kodi database. That would do it. I kinda like that idea.

I've been wondering if I should do away with my archive folders for Movies and TVShows. I use them for a few reasons. One is that I mirror unwatched shows onto a USB hard drive that I take with me when I go to my cabin for weeks at a time, and the original hard drive was too small for including all videos. I could enhance my mirror script to use Kodi's watched flags to omit them form the USB drive. Other reasons are that I used DLNA/Serviio for years before adding Plex and Kodi servers. Serviio has no watched flag feature (other than last episode watched). We also access shows from outside the house using Plex, which of course has its own set of watched flags that I have ignored so far. Kodi doesn't do a perfect job of dealing with the same show and seasons (but unique episodes) in 2 separate sources. One or the other sometimes shows no metadata, and the "hide watched" toggle in Kodi doesn't always squish out season folders with no unwatched episodes.

But, doing away with the archive folders would make Plex and DLNA access messy. DLNA access to Kodi doesn't set watched flags (I think it will in v17) and, I'm not sure yet, but I don't think Kodi does DLNA transcoding to the degree of success that Serviio does.
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