Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state
Quote:You export the csv file with a delimiter for new columns. This has to match your settings for importing in Excel. There you can select e.g. "," as separator and set all cell contents in quotation marks. If you look at the file in a text editor this should become obvious. Import and export settings have to match of course. Since this is more of an Office question and this is a Kodi forum I suggest you google something like "excel csv import settings". If you have the right table in Excel, then you can delete the columns with the numbers and just keep the column with movie names.
Alright, I have to change the import settings of the program which shows the content.

Could I use the MyVideos107.db file instead of watchedlist.db to export last watched movies?

Quote:If you watched movies before installing the WatchedList addon and removed them from the Kodi video library afterwards,...
Yes, I watched before but didn't remove the movies from the library or else. How could I check, if they are available in Kodi under last watched movies? With a playlist? "Playcount is not "0"? Or "Last watched"?

I have Kodi let done a clean of the library, may be that is the cause.

Many thanks again
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