Release - WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state

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(2017-07-04 14:57)Boyzie Wrote:  Do not know what I am missing. How could get the export?
It works with the MyVideos107.db
You can not use the query of the MyVideos.db (tables see wiki) for the watchedlist.db (tables movie_watched, episode_watched) since they are completely different...
For the watchedlist.db you have to use the queries from my first answer.

My addon: service.watchedlist
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Ah yes, very sorry. Many thanks for the links!

Quote:For Windows: In SQLite DB Browser do "Database Structure" > right click on movie_watched > Export as CSV file. The Output can be processed with LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel or a plain text editor

How could I export only the movie titles?

Thank you very much, again

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Hello all,

I want to see which movies or episodes I have already watched before I download them (again) and see it with WatchedList in Kodi So I wrote a little program for Windows which shows the data of WatchedList.


Program & sourcecode: written in PureBasic

Configuration: watched.ini
database: Location of WatchedList sqlite-database
movies: Query for movies
episodes: Query for episodes
font: Font
fontsize: Fontsize
width: Window-width
height: Window-height

[Image: VezgQO.jpg]
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