Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state
I would like to add some observations related to the imdb ID.

When there is no IMDB no. and debug logging is on, errors to the effect of "Movie xy doesn't have an IMDB no., please try re-scraping" are logged. Unfortunately, the default scrapers in Kodi for movies and tv shows are now set to TMDB. As I already commented in the TMDB scraper thread, items which are scraped with that scraper have existing IMDB nos. forcibly removed and only the TMDB no. is added/kept in the db. The Universal Movie scraper on the other hand doesn't add the TMDB ID.

This also seems to affect the WatchedList add-on. All moves which have been scraped with the TMDB scraper exhibit the behaviour described in the beginning (log item). Maybe someone more tech-savvy than me could make a suggestion to the maintainer of the scraper how to rectifiy this situation. They said there isn't a way to find the IMDB no. via the TMDB but an existing IMDB no. should never be removed, IMHO.

There is another add-on called "Light IMDB ratings update" which has a very useful function of adding IDs from several services. @axlt2002 - maybe that functionality could be expanded to look up missing IDs and help some other add-ons like this one along the way?
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RE: WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state - by HeresJohnny - 2019-04-17, 21:40

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