Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state
This looks very similar to a post from two years ago. Maybe the solution with the "strict mode" is also possible with MariaDB?
Also the reply to my github ticket on that matter suggested setting as watched again to resolve the issue.
I think the core of the problem is that the system time and/or timestamps of files is wrong. This should be fixed first.
(2017-09-20, 14:22)raymondjpg Wrote: EDIT: I was able to resolve the issue, at least with a workaround, by disabling strict mode in MySQL. Apparently strict mode is now implemented by default in MySQL Server 5.7. Disabling strict mode involved removing STRICT_TRANS_TABLES from the line
(2017-10-08, 21:57)schapplm Wrote: I added this as an issue on github and will try to reproduce and fix this. I am not sure why the timestamp is invalid, though. It comes from the Kodi database MyVideos/files/lastPlayed which has text as data format in mySQL (and not timestamp, for some reason). The value '1970-01-01 11:00:00' looks valid. A workaround for now could be to set the lastPlayed entry to NULL. 
My addon: service.watchedlist
My HTPC: Kodi 18.3; Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64; AMD A6-6400K; MSI FM2-A55M-E33; 4GB Kingston HyperX RAM; Streacom FC8B Evo with 120W picoPSU
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