Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state
(2019-09-14, 20:05)schapplm Wrote:
(2019-09-14, 16:42)TCCalvin Wrote: Is it possible to make sure it updates upon resume from suspend as I rarely reboot my HTPCs?
Did you try setting up the periodic update of the addon? If you only set it to autostart, the addon.xml configuration will use start="login" which will not trigger any action upon wakeup.
If you e.g. set the update to happen every 24h and then wake up from sleep, this is supposed to be recognized after one second using the kodi function monitor.waitForAbort(1).
I am not sure if waking up from sleep should be considered separately or if it is sufficient to just set the periodic update often enough.  

I've set periodic and 24h on all of my machines and this still doesn't update upon resume from a suspend.  Sad

I used Trakt previously and this had an option to "sync on library update or cleaning".  Is there anyway to tie in with this?  (so each time your library updates, WatchedList syncs the watched data too).

Aside from that this is perfect as I wanted to move away from Trakt so that everything happened llocally rather than synching with a website.
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