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(2019-11-07, 22:51)schapplm Wrote:
(2019-11-05, 07:36)JoshDi Wrote: Maybe I am not understanding why you are suggesting the multi-user method as a resolution to my issue. How will having multiple users prevent any single user from having the TV Show friends as watched? I essentially always want the TV Show friends to be marked as unwatched. Thank you!
I do not use the feature of multiple Kodi users personally, but from the description I guessed the following:
  • You and your wife each have different Kodi user profiles.
  • Each of the profiles can have completely different media libraries (different folders on the computer/network share). So e.g. you may not even have the TV series (e.g. "Friends" and movies of your wife in your video library and she has only her stuff. So you do not even have to bother whether it is watched or not.
  • Regardless if you have the same media in your video library or not, the watched state is stored separately for the different users (you vs your wife).
  • The saved watched state in the WatchedList addon is also stored differently for both of you.
Of course you can not synchronize your WatchedList with the same DropBox account, because it would indirectly synchronize your profiles.
Thank you for the information. I understand the features of having separate kodi logins/accounts so that they have separate watched lists. However, this does not address my specific use case.

I essentially don't want specific shows (e.g. Friends) to ever be marked as watched so that all episodes always show up in Kodi.

I will make code changes in the addin and push it to Github when I have time. Thank you for supporting this addin
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