Linux Network setting and Default resovlution
a)How can i modify the network to static ip?
When i restart xbmc, i need adjust remoter host setting on Andriod phone.

b)How to make default resovlution to 1920*1080p?
Philips Monitor resovlution is 1280*1024. when i open xbmc, it's the default resovlution.
I need change to 1920*1080p each restart, 1920 is My SONY TV avaiable resovlution.
I hope to setting to default open as 1920*1080.

Thank you.
Are you using XBMCbuntu or are you using xbmc under another linux based system like OpenELEC ?
I have experience for Ubuntu and BackTrack5.
So i choose the Xbmcbuntu.
Static networking is exactly the same as regular ubuntu


Unplug your monitor and boot with the TV on. You don't need a separate monitor for an HTPC.
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Thank you nickr.
I have fix the network problem with modify interfaces configuration .
buy i can't understand about the resolvtion.
it's not only htpc.i have windows for LOL game.
i want to modify default setting to solve this
anybody know where 's default setting config.
I have a lot of trouble understanding your question.
XBMC will remember the resolution you set, is it not doing that ?
mainline xbmc does not support multi monitor setups. It will always use the first display it sees.
Either turn your monitor off before starting xbmc, or use the version from , it has proper multi screen support.
The more you learn, thx wsnipex - i'll try to remember that as well Tongue
Thank you wsnipex. I think it's will be usefully .
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