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pygaim is a gaim plugin that enables gaim to be exstensible with python.

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gaim is a multi-protocol instant messaging (im) client for linux, bsd, macos x, and windows. it is compatible with aim and icq (oscar protocol), msn messenger, yahoo!, irc, jabber, gadu-gadu, silc, groupwise messenger, and zephyr networks.
gaim users can log in to multiple accounts on multiple im networks simultaneously. this means that you can be chatting with friends on aol instant messenger, talking to a friend on yahoo messenger, and sitting in an irc channel all at the same time.

 since this messaging program is linked to python you think it can interact with xbmc?
what u guys think?

try the python section of the forum

xbmc will likely never have native support for im'ers. if it happens it will be through a python script
the people that were asking for a messenger in xbmc , i thought u guys would be really interested in this, but no one replied , anyone want to take a look at it?
(kick in da door @ dec. 01 2005,18:15 Wrote:pygaim is a gaim plugin that enables gaim to be exstensible with python.
pygaim extends gaim so that users can code additional modules, but it needs gaim - quite complex package to port!

you can have a look for the protocol ( xmpp ) rather than a port of a client...

try to find xmpppy library on the internet...
i tried to make it working and got some success... but my english understood was not enough and my python knowledge may be not enough...

i have to learn more 'scholar' python programming, then to learn xmpp protocol (how it works ...), i'll may need to learn xml protocol too...

so, too much work for me,anyway if i can help, let me know
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