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[CASE/MOBO/CPU/GPU/RAM/HDD/PSU] Acer VN2620G-UC887L / Celeron 887 / Intel HD Graphics / 2GB / 320GB / 65W ($238)
TOTAL: $238

* FULL 2D 1080P Ready!!
* Built-in WiFi!!
* Built-in Bluetooth!!
* 1 x HDMI output!!
* 1 x SATA-II port!!
* 2 x USB 3.0 ports!!
* 2 x USB 2.0 ports!!
* 1 x Multi Card Reader slot!!

* won't do FULL 3D 1080P!!
* no Optical (S/PDIF) output!!
* no SATA-III port!!
See, this is much better than builds #1 and #2 and it costs less.
Sometimes the Lenovo Q190 version goes on sale for $249 so it's worth checking into as well.

You can also DIY a Celeron 1007U setup which is a Ivy Bridge Celeron 1.5Ghz with Ivy Bridge HD GPU (vs. the Celeron 8x7 which is Sandy Bridge).
There's already a Gigabyte board available at Newegg: GIGABYTE GA-C1007UN-D Intel NM70 Chipset HDMI SATA 6Gb/s Mini ITX Intel Motherboard
(2013-05-28, 13:07)Ned Scott Wrote: See, this is much better than builds #1 and #2 and it costs less.

What would you get for around 100 euro?
(2013-05-28, 13:07)Ned Scott Wrote: See, this is much better than builds #1 and #2 and it costs less.

I agree, this is a great price/performance system!
HTPC 1 - AMD A8-3870K, ASRock A75M, Silverstone ML03B, Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR3 1866, Crucial M4 64GB SSD
HTPC 2 - HP Stream Mini, 6GB Ram
unRAID 6 Server - Intel Celeron G1610, 20TB Storage

i agree too, this ACER nettop looks awesome for OpenELEC
if you dont need FULL 3D 1080P playback tho.
cuz if u do, its not for you Tongue

@Skank: go for an android mini pc then Tongue
Anyone running this system yet? Thinking of this and using Ubuntu TV.
Which version of OpenELEC would you install on this? Intel build?

Also, has anyone actually bought this and installed OpenElec on it?
Hi folks,

what I am really missing with these HTPC-Builds is any information about the noise of the devices. I bought the Acer Veriton and was quite astonished to hear it quite loudly when beeing in the same room 4m away. In a movie you can even hear it when people talk. I'ts not about pressing your ear against the device, you can hardly NOT notice the sound.

I tried to find a silent device but most descriptions even on distributors or manufacturers homepages lack information about if and how many fans are working inside a box. Take the Intel NUC for example, most descriptions state it is "small" and "silent" and so on but there is a fan ("active fan heatsink") working inside. edit: Now that I started searching for it I found several descriptions of how "silent" the NUC is. It is not. Far from silent when the fan kicks in, else quite silent. Wel...

TL;DR: I want something silent. This Acer box cannot be opened or I didn't find out how. Can I open it w/o voiding the warranty? I would like to remove the HD to see how much of the noise actually comes from the fan since I don't need much space for openelec and SD or SSD would do for me. The whole lot of Zotac ZBOXes also contains fans and I can only guess how loud they are. Building my own HTPC wasn't planned and will probably be much more expensive but I fail to see how I can avoid it :/

@mmatforum: Yes I installed Openelec and I used the Generic-Build. It contains a prepare-skript with which you can format an USB-Device to boot the machine. Then you are asked if you want the Live-Mode or install locally, I went with locall installation which worked flawlessly and after about 5 minutes I had a running Openelec box. The Bluetooth-Adapter wasn't recognized but everything else seemed to work. Didn't test Wifi though.
I don't think it has built-in bluetooth
(2013-08-28, 22:47)milli Wrote: I don't think it has built-in bluetooth

Product Name Veriton VN2620G-UC887L Celeron 887 1.5GHz 2GB 320GB
Product Type Nettop Computer
Processor Core Dual-core (2 Core)
Green Compliant Yes
Green Compliance Certificate/Authority ENERGY STAR
Memory Card Reader Yes
64-bit Processing Yes
Processor Manufacturer Intel
Chipset Manufacturer Intel
Chipset Model HM70 Express
Bluetooth No

Doesn't appear so. Would make it perfect for me.
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