Is there a central location for plugin tiles?

I'm trying to finish off a new theme for a skin and would like to utilise some of the best logos that are available for plugins such iplayer, Netflix, hulu, the trailers, youtube, skype etc (tiles based on the actual logo / not transparent theme related tiles)

However, i noticed that many of these files are just randomly posted in pages of random threads with no central location to find them.

For example, In blacks thread there is a wonderful netflix logo posted and created by a user, it far exceeds the default one. Its beautiful!

Also in the dev thread there are BBC logos and random other ones in other random threads such as aeon etc.

It could be useful to have these files located in 1 thread so that if we need to find a square tile for an application we can come here to find it.

If anyone has any of these available feel free to post them in here. I'll pull the Netflix one in shortly (currently on an iPad and unable to do so) to get the thread started.


Link to example Netflix logo found in blacks thread:
Hi mate, wouldn't be better to start posting in "Artwork Packs" Thread instead of skin help and support ?
Anyway, i think it's a good idea having logos, icons centralised.

Hey butcha,
That would be a very logical idea Indeed Big Grin

Mods can you move this to the correct location! My apologies for posting in the wrong section Wink

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Is there a central location for plugin tiles?0
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