Android vs Windows/Linux
Which is better for XBMC experience? I know Android development is just starting, but my horizon is not necessarily now, but in couple of months. My profile...

Budget: $300 and less
Usage: HD, but 1080 not necessarily. Most of rips are 720 and 3D is no interest to me. I would like to have the option of 1080 sometime down the road in case I starting ripping at higher quality.
Usage: Netflix is must; Also need browser.
Usage: I have bought a recent wireless mouse/small keyboard. Do these work with Android out of the box?
Usage: I'm hesitant to build my own HTPC, and would prefer a box that is already configured. I'm comfortable in setting up software (installing windows/openelc) but not in putting together hardware.
Usage: I need good wireless performance.

Based on that profile, do you recommend an Android box or HTPC?
Netflix rules out openelec. Really rules out linux since it only works now as a sketchy hack.
Mabye and Ouya or Pivos? A build with a windows license would cost a little more.
My issue is a nice netflix interface. This is why I love my ATV2. However, those are becoming more rare. Too bad Windows 8 netflix app sucks for using a remote.
Frodo Win 8 Pro x64
Fractal Design Node 605 (looks amazing)
i5 3570K, Asus P8Z77V LK
2x80GB Intel 320 SSD, 4TB NAS
GTX 670x2 SLI, 16GB GSkill Ares
Onkyo RC360 with Paradigm piece-by-piece 5.1 build
Nyxboard and AHK full controlled via XBox Controller
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