Save states not working
I'm using the windows build that celedhrim is hosting...

Trying to iron out a few bugs, one of which is a problem with save states. They do not auto-save, nor save on exit, although both of those settings are selected. When I manually try to save (using 'c' - manage save states) nothing happens; they do not appear in my save state list.

Searched thru the main thread and it didn't seem like anyone else had reported this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks :-)
I encountered this same issue last week when I tried out the pre-compiled version.
Seems XBMC was unable to create the save-state folder entirely.

I solved it by manually creating said save-state folder (userdata/savegames/*name of emulator core*/), and then it started working.
Not 100% of the folder name, turn on debugging and try create savestate, then use the log file to extract the correct folder name.

If it still fails, dump your debug log and let the techies do their thing Smile
Try running XBMC as administrator ( right click the .exe in windows and select "Run as administrator" ) and see if that solves the problem. You probably only need to do this once so RetroPlayer has enough privilege to create the save folder.

Edit: First post; can't word good. @[email protected]
thanks guys, for the suggestions. I tried running as admin this morning, but it didn't work right away. I only had a few minutes this morning before work so I'll keep trying when I get home.

I wonder if it has something to do with my build being in a different (non-default) folder?

Carl.Esbjorn I will give your strategy a try when I get home this evening. Thanks again!
If you upload a debug log to or pastebin I'll look into it.
I just wanted to follow up real quick with a reply. carl.esbjorn, your solution basically fixed the problem I was having with the save-state issue. There are a couple other weird issues I ran into though. If a rom is contained in a zip file, than it won't save, but if its a single file (.smc, etc.) than it will save. So I unzipped all of my .zip files and now the save states work.

Garbear do you still want me to post a debug on this?

Also, quick unrelated question: how do I get cover art to display? I have all the jpg's and they are named after each rom, not sure what folder and/or naming scheme they need to be in.

Glad to be of any service. Most likely some issue with permissions. Any debug would be appreciated I presume (would've posted mine had I not gone abroad yesterday!).

Regading cover art, this is done through other add-ons, such as Rom Collection Browser. I'd head over to their section for tutorials and how-to's.
Retroplayer, however, requires some xml-editing in the each of the addons "collections" for RCB. ie. each SNES/NES/GB etc. section must be manually edited for retroplayer. If you search for retroplayer in RCBs main thread you should be able to find the details.


follow that link for how to make RCB play nicely with retroplayer!
@d3mncln3r, no cover art yet, i'm waiting until we have a working Game Library, which I'll hammer out once Heimdall is added to XBMC. I'd like to see debug logs, especially for the zip bug. There's not much I can do without a debug log.

On a side note, I skipped Gotham alpha 4 and I'm almost done rebasing on Gotham alpha 5. Alpha 5 isn't out until the end of the month, so it's based on a nightly, which means it's an unstable release until I rebase again at the end of the month.
Excited about both, Heimdall is such an awesome project, can't wait until this all works together too.
It took me a while to get around to this, but Commit:36fcd65 fixes the error with Savegames.

special://masterprofile/Savegames simply wasn't being created. Profiling handling changed between alpha 2 and alpha 3, and when I rebased from retroplayer5 to retroplayer6 a line got dropped.

All builds before 2013-6-15 based on XBMC 13.0 alpha 3 are affected. An interim workaround is to simply create a "Savegames" folder in your userdata folder.

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Save states not working0
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