Use screensaver framework to maintain fullscreen mode?

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I'd like to ensure that no matter how much I tamper with XBMC settings and poke around the system, when I leave it alone for an hour XBMC should take it upon itself to switch itself back into fullscreen mode if necessary.

I'm thinking a dummy screensaver might be the perfect framework for this?

User can set a timeout as always, except when the timeout occurs the addon would simply trigger a fullcreen event (the equivalent of putting focus on XBMC and hittin the "\" key)

Anyone got an empty framework that I might use as a starting point for this?

I dont suppose anyone who'd more expert than me might want to take a crack at what im descrbiing?
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kzeleny Offline
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Here you go....

import xbmc
#dummy screensaver will set screen to black and go fullscreen if windowed

exit_requested = False
class MyMonitor(xbmc.Monitor):
    def __init__( self):
    def onScreensaverDeactivated(self):
        global exit_requested
        exit_requested = True
if __name__ == '__main__':
    if not xbmc.getCondVisibility("System.IsFullscreen"):
    while (not xbmc.abortRequested) and (not exit_requested):

-ken Z-
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