Android Droibox MX XBMC Special Edition, another choice?
(2013-06-08, 20:54)Desidevil Wrote: I've purchased this box on Wednesday via Amazon, received on Friday. Went to install today (Saturday)............nothing.........nothing comes up on screen. Connected via HDMI cable to the tv nothing comes up. Box has blue light on but nothing on. All new HDMI cables and using one provided.

Contacted Justop via email and forum, no response as of yet.

If i have to do a firmware update I'll be very disappointed as I think this should of been done before is was shipped due it being supplied by Justop.

Would love some advice, update, someone to contact but looks like I might have to wait til Monday as it's Sunday tomorrow and no one will be able to support.

my advice to anyone buying these boxes is to do the research here online to see the ones that are actually working. Unless you want to be a test subject than i would follow what i am saying
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actually finally bought one, works a charm, now I can get into this community with my own XBMC
1st Post so i hope this helps
Received a droibox mx on Monday off eBay and i must be honest im really happy with plays cock on so far and a strong signal from my virgin router
iv got 2 x atv2s aswell and iv tried the dongle style android but the WiFi signal is terrible.

I would differently recommend the droibox mx it runs frodo 12.0 and as 4 x usbs and a card runs as good as my apple tv 2

cheers mick
Just received my Droibox. Its terrible. It boots up and the only thing that is displayed on the screen is a giant 3D middle finger and the words "You've just been screwed". I tried contacting the seller but all he said was "What were you thinking actually giving me money?"
(2013-06-20, 20:52)Mr Mick Wrote: it plays cock on

Sorry there ,its a saying thats all. It plays very well
Ah, all good then.
I bought this mx box from china..... Tried a few different apk on it.... All work differently...some hd stutter screen....and another just kicking u out and others rtmp don't work.

The box is fast....but need active development on it.... U will have to add another firmware from a company that actively working on a workable xbmc version to make use of this box.

I have plans to install mx2 firmware on that should work and make it just like a gbox mx2.

I have several boxes now for fare the ouya box is the greatest....I notice everyone has their issue as xbmc is a huge platform.... But for very basic use like I do.... I only experience rtmp playback issue...or If u want rtmp to work...u will experience stutter issue for hd...but this should be soon fixed I hope Smile waiting eagerly
These boxes are now 45 and am guessing due to being poor ??
Finally got response replacement box sorted so far so good Smile
No Droibox MX directly from China!

They are fake.

We only supply from UK and send to UK address.

The one you see from alibaba is not JUSTOP/Droibox branded.

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