Amlogic MX boxes - official firmware/info/support..?

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Question  Amlogic MX boxes - official firmware/info/support..?
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Have decided to buy an Amlogic 8726MX dual core box, as it currently seems to be the best supported platform, and with decent speed.

I see a lot of these Android MX tv boxes, with good connectivity options and 8GiB nand flash (which by the way seems identical to Matricom MX2) starting at about $70, but I wonder which company is behind these, or where firmware for these boxes are published..? What to expect for future support.

Experience with these oem boxes?

[Image: 4-2-2-Dual-Core-Android-TV-Box-XBMC-Midn...M-Dual.jpg]
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i got updating from her:

and their link:
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i bought such unit myself (acemax) - did you get it ? can you share some impressions ?

is 1080P working without external player ?


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cili Offline
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Can anyone tell us if this box is working well ? thanks
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hi can someone tell if there is another way to get acemax frimware link not working when i try to download
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Hi Guy i have a box but i got no XBMC on it so tried the new one but looks different and i think i might slow the processor down anyone know where i can download the factory one 12.2 or is is possible to take it from my friends? I got this send but its just firmware?
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