idea for save states
One of the annoyances when you play emulated games is waiting through loading screens. While games for cartridge-based systems tend to load almost instantaneously, games for home computers or CD based consoles can take a long time to get ready.

I think most people would like to have the option of going instantly to the start screen when they run a game.

To enable this, retroplayer could keep a special save state for each game called the "start screen state". The simplest way of creating this save state would be to let the user do it. There could be a function "set start screen" that declares the current save state (or perhaps current minus 1-2 seconds) the start screen save state.

There would be a navigation function to take the game back to the start screen. When the game is run again, a menu would offer the choice of resuming at the last save state or at the start screen.

Essentially, this would function just like playing video, where you can resume from the last position or play from the start.

This feature could even be expanded to create something like a chapter structure for each game, where the player can define special save states for levels or other progression milestones.
Currently, if the "Load State on Open" option is enabled, RetroPlayer will autoload the most recent state. If the save state manager had a menu option to "Always load this state", to override the most-recent functionality, then I think we could accomplish what you're talking about. Furthermore, we wouldn't need a pesky dialog every time you open a game.

Currently, (shift) 1-9 are "save slots", which could be used to create a chapter structure. Try pressing shift+1 to save, then anytime after press 1 to load that state. The save state manager even lets you rename save slots, so you could label each chapter (but I think once you rename a slot it becomes a normal save, so pressing 1-9 won't load it anymore).

Would a "Always load this state" option, combined with the existing save slots system and ability to rename saves, accomplish everything you mention in your post?
I kind of like the idea of having that pesky menu Wink But I understand that some people would find it irritating.

How about making the menu optional? Make a sub-option to "Load State on Open" named "Always Offer Special States".

In the save state manager, one could tag states as "special" so they would be included in the menu. This could be used for title screen, chapters, levels, etc.

If the "Always Offer Special States" suboption is on (which requires "Load State on Open" to be on in the first place), running a game will pop up a menu that offers a list of special states plus the most recent one.

If the suboption is unchecked, run behavior would remain as it is currently.
I've used save states to track chapters and major boss battles, but the very fact I'm going through the trouble of timing the save right and then renaming it means that it's "special". by extension, this means I've never made a non - special save state. how about an option to "Always open save manager on game load"? that way users get their menu (and we don't have to code a second menu) and we also avoid the tedious process of marking every single new state as" special ". thoughts?
That's a very good point, and I like your idea.

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