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How to: Partial Subtitles?
Wasn't sure how to word what I'm describing here, but basically when watching a show that is generally in one language (say English) and they cut to non-english scenes which would normally have subtitles for the translation - how would one go about setting that up? Right now I'm having to press "L" to cycle on subtitles, and then cycle them off afterwards

Some examples: A Good Day to Die Hard, several scenes in Russian but the majority of the movie is in English (in my area, of course), also True Blood where they will have scenes with German, and Finnish (I think?).

Well, first this is not a Subtitles Addon related issue, so this isn't the right forum to post that.

What you are looking for are "forced subtitles". Those are precisely those subtitles for conversations or Signs in another language that the main one.

Since you say you press L to cycle subtitles I'm assuming you use DVD, blurays or videos with sub streams incrustred (like some mkvs).

You can use XBMC subtitles addon to try a find forced subtitles for your movies (best results using manual search), but forced subtitles aren't the main concern of subtitle services. Those usually fill with subs for foreigners.
Always read the XBMC Online Manual,Frequently Asked Questions and search the forum before posting.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting use -> Log file.

Thanks for the tip. Sorry for the mis-post, thought it might relate to a configuration within the subtitle addon.

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