NFO file for various artists albums
Is it possible to create an NFO file that has all the thumbnail paths and artists information for every artist of a compilation album?

I have been reading the wiki here and it looks promising but I can't see a way to tie artist 1 with Thumb 1, artist 2 with thumb 2, etc...

The only way I can think of would be to organize my music this way and create individual nfo files by artist:

- Various Artists
     -Album name
          Artist1 name
             Songs related to this artist
          Artist2 name
              Song related to this artist

I could then put an artist.nfo file in the Artistx folders but that seems way overboard!
I'm bumping up this thread. No one has this need too or a solution? Thanks.
I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve. If you want to browse by artists who appear on compilations then select that option in settings and let the scraper take care of it. Perhaps if you can explain a bit more what you want to see we can help you a bit more.
I doubt that folder structure will work, too many levels with both album and artist.

You cannot do it with a single nfo, I already tried as I have a flat folder structure /Artist-Album/, and that eliminates the artist.nfo approach for me.

My workaround was this.

It would be a nice feature for XBMC to read a generic artist.nfo file that had multiple artists listed in it, but it does not. The biggest hitch would be making sure any entries exactly match those that are in your database already.
Thank you whitebelly. You have the same problem as me with the endless loop. This is quite a bug in XBMC. I don't understand that more people are not complaining about it. At least I have now a workaround with your post.

If only the LastFM scraper could be back. It was scrapping 90% of my artists. Now I get about 40% with the Universal Scrapper.
You are very welcome. Hint....if you try this, don't refresh any unscraped artists.It will delete the artist info record and you will be back to the "infinite loop" for that artist.
I have the same problem.
One album, a ton of contributors. According to what I read I can put a artist.nfo just above the album, but only one artist in it. What I do with all the other artists, no idea.
An example?
Take the Rio soundtrack. Some of the people in here are not musicians but actors.
Impossible to find them on the usual scrapers. And if I want to add information manually, provided I escape the artist info loop of death, I can only enter one. Problem is my mp3 collection is tagged with the name of the contributors for compilations. And I kind of like it that way.
If any solution arises, I'd be glad to hear about it.
As long as the nfo implementation is dependant on folder structure, there is nothing you can do on your end with nfo's.

One choice is to upload the artist information to and scrape it from there.

Another would be to use the XML library approach linked to in my post above. Generally, export the music library, edit the file with your information, and import it back into Kodi.

The endless loop thing is still a bug, IMO. I think, if I recall, I have to pull out my keyboard and hit ESC to get out of it.
The only way I have found to deal with it (multiple artists associated with an "album" that for whatever reason aren't scraped properly) is to use the xml file instead of nfo (I think all or most of the entries are the same) and use "import library" instead of refreshing/reading artist.nfo. You also need to figure out a system to store local artist art (if you are going to use local art for artist thumb/fanart).

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