XBMC & remote library sync
The "give a man a fish" version I prefer is "Light a man a fire and he will be warm for a day, set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life".

But that doesn't help you does it...
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(2013-06-17, 02:09)crypticknight Wrote: Yeah I'd like to make it where Host A replicates to HostB, HostB to Host C, Host C has 2 independent xbmc's (ones a raspberry pi other a mac mini) setup over a long range wifi (1 network 2 houses lol) and then Let Host C send to a future Host D that i'm working on now.

When i visit family i spend more time updating machines than I do visiting haaha.

In this case I would combine the two ideas and set up a torrent client with a watch folder on each machine.
I would then set up an rsync scheduled task or cron job that keeps the contents of the watch folder synchronised with my main servers torrentshare folder every hour.

When adding new videos I would generate a .torrent file, place it in the main servers torrentshare folder and start seeding the torrent on my private torrenttracker.

Then watch in amazement as within the hour every machine starts to pull the new video to their download folders, after which the client moves them to the folder configured in XBMC to host the home movies.
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