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First of all I wanted to give major kudos for making such a COOL useful app!

One of the problems I'm running into is as I get more of my movies ripped and entered, guests have a harder and harder time trying to decide what to watch.. it's information overload in a way. I've tried the "are you in the mood for a comedy, sci fi.." thing, I've tried showing them new stuff from 2013, or 2012 etc. But there are so many older movies which are so good that I think a screensaver app like this is an awesome addition to any media center.

Bug (1):

After working successfully a couple times, I think the screensaver app just crashed XBMC several times. The trailer kept playing in the background while the error was displayed (lol). I was able to fix it by uninstalling the add-on, exiting, re-entering, re-adding the add on, and setting it as screensaver again. Really not sure what happened but it's working again.

Crash example SS:

Bug (2):

Once I got everything set up I wanted to do a "burn in" trailer test while I did stuff in a nearby room, so I could monitor how the screensaver worked. It worked great. Splash screen would show, trailers would play. Unfortunately when I came back and hit ESC during one of the trailers, the XBMC UI never returned and the screen remained black except for I could see the XBMC cursor. Meanwhile, as I pressed buttons or hit ESC again I could hear XBMC making its notification noises in the background, yet the screen was black and there was no UI. I was forced to hit CTRL ESC (windows key) and right click, close XBMC. I tried it again later and the same thing is happening - I'm really not sure why when returning from the screensaver/trailer, it doesn't show me XBMC again. Meanwhile if I do a preview and only let 1 trailer play this does not happen. It seems to only happen when I let it go playing trailers for a while.

On to suggestions!

Is there a way to control the volume of the trailers being played? Can you add a % volume for trailers to the settings, so that we can play the trailers at a lower than 100% volume if it's just quietly going in the background? Could double as your trailer mute by setting to 0%. Sometimes the trailers just start blasting and it's super annoying. I don't want to have to manually change volume all the time.

Well thank you again for making such a super cool app!


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