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(2013-12-26, 03:40)wgstarks Wrote: XBMC crashing, appears to be due to Random Trailers AddOn. The trailer info window opens and it looks like the trailer tries to start playing and then the app crashes. I just updated to 12.3. Don't know if that has any bearing or not.

Debug Log

Looking at the Debug log it looks like the YouTube addon is crashing. Random Trailers just tells xbmc to play the trailer, the you tube addon does the actual playing.

Does this happen with every trailer?

(2013-12-25, 21:08)Chupacabra_ Wrote: First of all I wanted to give major kudos for making such a COOL useful app!

One of the problems I'm running into is as I get more of my movies ripped and entered, guests have a harder and harder time trying to decide what to watch.. it's information overload in a way. I've tried the "are you in the mood for a comedy, sci fi.." thing, I've tried showing them new stuff from 2013, or 2012 etc. But there are so many older movies which are so good that I think a screensaver app like this is an awesome addition to any media center.

Bug (1):

After working successfully a couple times, I think the screensaver app just crashed XBMC several times. The trailer kept playing in the background while the error was displayed (lol). I was able to fix it by uninstalling the add-on, exiting, re-entering, re-adding the add on, and setting it as screensaver again. Really not sure what happened but it's working again.

Crash example SS:

Bug (2):

Once I got everything set up I wanted to do a "burn in" trailer test while I did stuff in a nearby room, so I could monitor how the screensaver worked. It worked great. Splash screen would show, trailers would play. Unfortunately when I came back and hit ESC during one of the trailers, the XBMC UI never returned and the screen remained black except for I could see the XBMC cursor. Meanwhile, as I pressed buttons or hit ESC again I could hear XBMC making its notification noises in the background, yet the screen was black and there was no UI. I was forced to hit CTRL ESC (windows key) and right click, close XBMC. I tried it again later and the same thing is happening - I'm really not sure why when returning from the screensaver/trailer, it doesn't show me XBMC again. Meanwhile if I do a preview and only let 1 trailer play this does not happen. It seems to only happen when I let it go playing trailers for a while.

On to suggestions!

Is there a way to control the volume of the trailers being played? Can you add a % volume for trailers to the settings, so that we can play the trailers at a lower than 100% volume if it's just quietly going in the background? Could double as your trailer mute by setting to 0%. Sometimes the trailers just start blasting and it's super annoying. I don't want to have to manually change volume all the time.

Well thank you again for making such a super cool app!


I will try to duplicate the lock screen issue, Does it happen every time the screensaver starts and you let it run for a few movies?

I Like the adjustable volume idea, I think I know how to implement it and will give it a shot this weekend.


Ken Z
-ken Z-

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