Release -  Random Trailers Screensaver / Script - plays random trailers from library
(2015-10-31, 21:46)Method007 Wrote: When I hit enter or select on a trailer, the movie doesn't play - the script just stops. Anybody else have this issue?

same here, will try to grab a log as well.
Has development stopped?
Not working on Kodi 17?
I am working on resurrecting this addon/addons. (screen saver as well as script). I am hopeful that within a month or so it will be ready for showing.

I have sent a note to the original author to get his blessing, but since he has not logged in for over four years I am not too hopeful.

The screensaver  is functional as is (Kodi 18) , but the script is not. I am doing this because I like the plugins, I want to get better at Python, and I find it a good way to learn more about Kodi API. Fortunately I have time on my hands so I am giving it a go.

I have done major refactoring, fixing bugs and improving performance, usability and maintainability. It is perfectly usable for my testing purposes, but I'm sure that the stability is not there yet.

Before release, I want to accomplish, as a minimum:
  • Stabilize
  • Get the event processing working properly and add some capabilities that I badly want:
  1. Play movie now, add movie to a playlist or otherwise tag it for later
  2. Bring up to current Kodi and Python standards (hopefully best practices)
  3. Make Python 3 ready
  4. Lay groundwork for other than English users or movies
I fully expect it to take quite a while after I have a reasonably well working plugin before I can accomplish items 2 & 3 above. A major concern is the pending Python 3 migration, however, I have already taken the first few steps by incorporating the __future__ package.

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