Using no scraper?
I went through this before, and people flamed me. I don't download stuff, I rip it from discs, so I don't have internet naming conventions, and I don't use silly stuff like nfos. That kind of stuff just makes things messy and takes up space. Stuff from discs mostly doesn't match up to scrapers, so I don't want to use one. I still want stuff broken down by season and the episode number. A lot of stuff I have combined episodes, so they are something like "5-01+02 - name". Can I even download posters and just manually enter all of this information in? I don't have a problem with doing it manually, but I don't know how, or if it's possible. I don't care about synopsis stuff. I would just like posters for each show and season. I have no idea how to tell this thing that it's a TV show without using a scraper. I have no idea how to make a regex statement to look for multiple episode numbers in one filename.

To provide information for your stuff, XBMC'd need some kind of scraper - be it the NFO-scraper (which, technically yes, is a scraper). So you'd have to create NFO-files (and space? really? NFO-files are a few bytes in space) matter how silly they are.
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the "stuff" counter increased to 9 now ... what is silly on nfo's if i may ask?
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If you're ripping yourself then you have full control over the naming, so why not name them to allow XBMC to scrape all the data Huh

However if all you want is access to your files with nice looking artwork then use Files mode and add artwork to your folders according to Thumbnails (wiki)
It's silly because they are unclean and take up space. I still don't get how doing so will make it so it doesn't look elsewhere for information. I don't know how to use file mode in a way where I can have a TV shows from the home screen. From what I understand, that is reserved for a library and its view only (requires a scraper). All of those extra steps to go into videos and then shows might as well just render me back to doing things the way I've always done it, from Windows explorer.
Use a skin that allows you to set custom home items. Like Transparency or Aeon Nox, or a bunch of others. There's even a Confluence mod that has custom home items.
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