Naming of Specials inconsistent
There was a thread describing a similar problem which was solved by modifying nfo files. I do not use these.

The problem is that some of my Specials are being listed with an "S" in the name and some not with no obvious reason why.

Here is a sample source directory:

Family Guy - s0e01 - Stewie Griffin The Untold Story.avi
Family Guy - s0e02 - Live In Las Vegas.avi
Family Guy - s0e03 - Making of Family Guy Live in Las Vegas.avi
Family Guy - s0e04 - Up Late With Stewie & Brian.avi
Family Guy - s0e11 - Creating The Chaos.avi
Family Guy - s0e12 - Stewie & Brian Live at the Emmy's.flv
Family Guy - s0e13 - inside the actors studio cast of family guy.avi
Family Guy - s0e14 - Comic Con 2008.flv
Family Guy - s0e15 - Family Guy Presents Seth and Alexs Almost Live Comedy Show.avi
Family Guy - s0e16 - The List (Stewie's Banned Song).flv
Family Guy - s0e17 - The Top 20 Characters.avi
Family Guy - s0e18 - Behind the scenes of family guy.mp4
Family Guy - s0e19 - Groundbreaking Gags.avi
Family Guy - s0e20 - Special-200 Episodes Later.mkv

When viewed under "Video, Files" the output is:
0x02 - Family Guy Live In Las Vegas: Stewie's Sexy Party
0x03 - Making of Family Guy Live in Las Vegas
0x04 - Webisode: Up Late With Stewie & Brian
0x13 - Family Guy on Inside The Actors Studio
0x14 - Comic-Con 2008
0x16 - The List (Stewie's Banned Song)
0x19 - Groundbreaking Gags
Sx01 - Stewie Griffin The Untold Story (feature movie)
Sx11 - BBC - Creating The Chaos
Sx12 - Stewie & Brian Live at the Emmy's
Sx15 - Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alexs Almost Live Comedy Show
Sx17 - Family Guy: The Top 20 Characters
Sx18 - Behind the scenes of family guy
Sx20 - 200 Episodes Later

I am struggling to understand the logic behind the use or not of the "S" at the start of the name as well as the change in ordering. I can't find any reference to this in the wiki. All of the above files are in their own folder "Season 0", under the top level Family Guy folder.

Can anyone explain please?
Should already be fixed in more recent nightly builds (post-May 30).

FWIW, the difference between the two sets is that the "S" episodes have positional information (e.g. "Airs before...", "Airs after season..." etc.) from that will also place them amongst the regular season episodes (in Library view), while the "0" episodes don't.

So in Files view should I have the "S" and should they be re-ordered? From your comment about a fix I take it one (or both) of these behaviours is incorrect in this view?

Also is this functionality documented anywhere?
From what I can tell, they all show as S01, S02, etc. in the nightlies.

...Except they're still ordered the same! Nuts...

This was the ticket that triggered the change:
...And the Pull Request:

The ordering must still need fixing.

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