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The streacom ir and remote has been a pain in the ass for a long time, causing people alot of headache.

But now streacom have come to their senses and released a remapping firmware, which is really awsome since it makes it easy to program the firmware, but also to run commands etc. There is no hex edit, just select the button and program the command. You can also have several setups you can switch between, so you can program up to 10 diffrent setups for the remote and switch between them with a key (unfortunatly you have no idea on which remote you are at the moment, so programming 10 diffrent might be somewhat frustrating). I have not tried out the run commands but it should let you execute custom commands without relying on third party software.

I wont provide you with a mapping solution, keyboardmap.xml should work fine to find out the commands, otherwise there are some threads in the forum. But here are some tips:
The info button shoudl be ctrl+D
For the right,left,up,down command you have to enter the mce selection.
Here you can find a more extensive guide for mapping (Option B):

Guide to programming:
Download program at:
IRRC - Remote Remapping Software.

Step 0: unpack program and run it as administrator.
Step 1: Save firmware to a local drive in case you screw up. (bottom right corner)
Step 2: clear firmware (might not be needed but it gets rid of all the crap they initially put in the firmware, MOUSE?!?!)
Step 3: Map it as you please!
Step 4: You do not need to flash the mappings they are edited in realtime, so once you mapped a key it is programmed into the firmware.
Step 5: Enable remote sends keybord commands under settings/system/input devices.

I think this is the exact same reciver that came built into alot of the zotac boxes, streacom also sells under the name wesna. I don't know for sure that they are exactly the same though so use at your own risk with those devices.


P.S. Looks like this piece of crap remote and reciver just turned out to be a good buy =).
Super useful, any chance you can share the .bin file from your IRRC, then we can just use the firmware tool to re-flash with a nice working version.

Yeah, the reason i didn't do that was that I think there are 2 versions of the IR. I have no idea if the firmware is the same but both are supported by the app. So I didn't want to be held responsible for people bricking their devices. It only takes about 5min to do the mappings.
Thanks so much! Your thread came at exactly the right time, just bought a Streacom case. I actually had to buy this cable to connect the IR receiver to my laptop. It's my only Windows PC. Too bad streacom hasn't made linux or mac remapping software.

I do prefer using the custom keyboard.xml, finally a remote that works!
You are right, I checked with Streacom about the different versions and it seems that there are even more than 2, but only 1 of those is not compatible (with a single 8 pin connector), all the rest can share the same firmware. Anyway, I will have a go programming myself, thanks!

See email below:

Re: Different versions of the IRRC
There are a number of revisions that have been released over the years, but they all use the same IC, just have slightly different PCB layout. Other than layout and appearance, they are the identical and can use the same firmware.

These was however one version of the IRRC (produced on 2010) which is not compatible with the firmware tools but is easily distinguishable because all the cables connect to the IRRC PCB using a single white 8 pin connector (not the normal motherboard header pins, 4 for USB and 4 for power switch). The firmware for this version is not compatible with all the others.

Streacom Support Team

On 25/06/2013 10:14, Mail wrote:
Dear support,

Can you confirm if there is more than one version of the IRRC module and if there would be any issues in programming the incorrect bin file to these different versions?
Love my Streacom case, but I'm kind of glad I didn't get the IR receiver and remote combo. Thanks for providing all this useful information for the people who did, though!
Since you guys have made the job of mapping it up to a normal mce remote.. Could you please share your settings with us?
I know its a long shot, but any chance this could work with the Wesena one as well.
actually it is not a longshot, streacom and wesna should be the same hw. Try to start the program and see if it recognizes the ir reciver.
Anyone managed to get this working under Linux like Ubuntu? If So can you please share your how-to?

Ive read various threads like which is found in some forum post, and tried various openelec forum posts, none work or seem to be vague and incomplete.

Problem is that various keys dont work like info and context and record, all others seem ok or I dont use them.
The program for reprogramming is a windows application that reprograms hardware, i would not under any circumstances recommend you to use it in a wine environment. Run it on windows.

uNiversal : once you reprogram it to fit your needs you can use it on linux just like a regular mce remote. Just remap buttons and reprogram the firmware.
No, of course not under wine. I wasnt suggesting anything of the sort.

I was indeed wondering once it was remapped it would obviously keep the keymaps even if not using windows. You have any files to share like your remap, so I can use only as a reference to some keys?
I'll install window on some partition just for this purpose.

Any existing references in addition to your post would be really useful.

Thanks for your reply.
The remapping is stored on a firmware on the adapter itself.

Just too bad that streacom doesn't want to give us a good setup. They are just giving us a firmware with the basics. I for sure couldn't get it to do all the RC6 fucntions so I have stopped using it and recommend everyone who thinks about buying it against it.

It is a good idea with the chip and such.. Just not supported by the company in a good way.

If they change their idea and release full RC6 firmware I will be a very hapy camper and will recommend it again.
Guys, seems there is a firmware available at, download at

The problem i'm having right now is: i want xbmc to go to suspend mode as soon as i click the power button, at this moment i get the power menu and suspend is preselected. But even more urgent; currently the htpc is resumed from standby as soon as ANY RC-6 code is received! How can i prevent this from happening? I want it to resume only when pressing the power button.

Running ubuntu minimal with xbmc from Wolfgang Schupp
remap the remote to suspend instead of shutdown?
As far as it only waking up on some keypresses, wont happen. it was on usb and not on the keypress itself.

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Streacom IR & Remote - Easy custom setup that works with XBMC1
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