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I have a bit of an issue with XBMC recognising my music compilations. I have previously had a bunch of compilations happily sitting in the Music / Compilations section but most of them are gone now, and I can't figure out why.

Currently, the only thing that's displaying in my Compilations section is the The Boat That Rocked OST. This soundtrack is sitting in F:\Music\0-Soundtracks\The Boat That Rocked OST\CD1 (and ..\CD2). The files in there are tagged as follows:

Contributing Artist: Duffy (varies)
Album Artist: Various
Album: The Boat That Rocked CD1
Year: 2009
#: 1 (varies)
Part of set: 1/2
Part of a compilation: not set

This is great. However, none of my other compilations show up anymore. For example, I've got the Triple J Hottest 100 compilation sitting in F:\Music\0-Compilations\Triple J Hottest 100\Triple J Hottest 100 of 2012. (The whole F:\Music folder is shared)

When I mirror the settings, for the The Boat That Rocked OST, the files don't show up in XBMC compilations (I can find and play them when I look for them through Artists though). I've now set up the first file of the Triple J compilation as follows:

Contributing Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (varies)
Album Artist: Various Artists (tried "Various" as well)
Album: Triple J Hottest 100 of 2012
Year: 2012
#: 1 (varies)
Part of Set: 1/1 (tried leaving this blank as well)
Part of a compilation: Yes (tried leaving this blank as well)

As far as I understand - these are the rules for recognising compilations, which I believe I satisfy:
We have a compilation if
1. album name is non-empty AND
2a. no tracks overlap OR
2b. all tracks are marked as part of compilation AND
3a. a unique primary artist is specified as "various" or "various artists" OR
3b. we have at least two primary artists and no album artist specified.

I'm pretty stuck now... What should I do next to get my compilations recognised?
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I'm afraid I don't know why your compilation isn't showing up. To try and narrow down what may be wrong though perhaps you could try a few things:
1. Check the database (eg.with SQLite admin). The final column of the Album table is the compilation flag (0 for not, 1 for compilation). Just to confirm that the database isn't correct.
2. I didn't understand what you meant by "I've now set up the first file of the Triple J compilation as follows". Did you mean the first CD or just the first track? In order for XBMC to recognise it as a compilation I think it will need all tracks to be tagged with the same album artist (Various) and different track artists.
3. There may be some hidden tags that are confusing things, so it may be worth opening the album in a tag editor to check there aren't any erroneous tags messing up the scanning.

Sorry can't be much more help, but do come back if you get more info from the above.
Thanks WelshPaul! To confirm:

1) the MyMusic32.db database has only flagged my The Boat That Rocked OST as a compilation - everything else is 0.
2) I meant that I set up all tracks with the same album artist - I just wanted to show the details of the first track. All tracks have been labeled like the first track, except where I've indicated "varies". Sorry for the confusion.
3) I'll have a look to see if I can find any hidden tags, but I'm not sure if that would be the problem: These used to show up as compilations, but they just don't anymore for some reason.

Would the best solution be to rescan my music database? If so, is this just a case of deleting MyMusic32.db and MyMusic18.db, or is there something else I should do?
Yes, I guess in the absence of anyone more experienced providing an explanation rebuilding the database would be a good idea. If you're on Frodo it should only re-create MMusic32.db, as I believe 18 is an old version.

Just one other thought, what type of media files are they? I know there have been some issues reading tag info for WMAs and some other formats.
No, they're all mp3s unfortunately. I'll try rebuilding the database and get back to you. Thank you for your help so far!
Nope - unfortunately rebuilding the music database resulted in the same thing: Only The Boat That Rocked is listed under Compilations. I'm pretty stuck - any other ideas?
Hmmm, how perplexing! The quick workaround is of course to edit the music.db directly and change the compilation flag to 1. However, it would be good to understand what's going wrong with the initial scan.

I tried to recreate your album. I created a blank 5 second track and copied it 40 times. Opened the folder in mp3tag and tagged using the MusicBrainz scraper using Triple J: Hottest 100 Volume 20. The result is as below:


When I scan this to library it immediately shows as a complilaton in my music library:


So, I don't know what's the problem with yours, I can only assume that there's something a little awry in the tagging. Maybe you could see if yours looks the same as mine when you view the folder in your tagging program.
OK... Thanks again for your help WelshPaul - That seems to have brought me a step closer, but at the same time it has left me even more mystified than I already was...

I have another compilation double CD: Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions XV. This compilation was not appearing at all in the XBMC compilations screen. I followed your lead and decided to retag CD1 with the MusicBrainz scraper. I left CD2 as is. After updating my music library, CD1 now appears in the compilations screen and CD2 does not. This is certainly progress, but I can't work out what the difference is between the two tags. Here is how they are tagged:

CD1 (shows up):

CD2 (does not show up):

The only difference I can see here is the colon in the album name ("Ministry of Sound: Chillout Sessions XV" vs "Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions XV") and the difference in discnumber (1/2 vs 2/2). Oh, and the first 9 tracks have a leading 0. I subsequently removed the leading 0's on CD2 but that doesn't help either. I very much doubt that the album name and the discnumber are the cause of CD2 not showing up, but it sure seems like there is something going on with the tagging that's preventing it from doing so. It cannot be the fact that I simply changed the tagging, because I've changed various fields without result.

Could there be another field that I haven't found, that stops CD2 from being recognised as a compilation, but that is modified by the MusicBrainz scraper to help it be recognised?
I can't see any obvious reason either. The colon, leading zeros and disc number shouldn't cause any difference. I think you're using mp3tag as well, in which case could you try selecting a file and hit alt-t which should show you all the other tags that may be present. There may be one there that's causing the problem. If so you can select all files, hit alt-t and delete the offending tag.
I had a look and the only difference between the files as far as I can see is that the CD1 files have three additional tags:


Everything else is the same... and none of these three tags exist in the The Boat That Rocked OST which does appear in the compilations screen, so they don't appear to be the cause either. The mind wobbles.
Yep, I'm running out of ideas too. The final thing I can think of is that the track numbers in your CD2 are being treated as text rather than numbers (if there's a leading or trailing space in there). Maybe this could mess up the compilation identfier rules. In mp3tag you can use the autonumber wizard to ensure they are numbers and see if that changes behaviour when you re-scan that folder to library.
Just tried the autonumber wizard but no luck upon rescanning. Really appreciate the time you've taken WelshPaul, thanks - I guess this one will remain a mystery for now.
I have many compilation albums (500+ last count) and use mp3 tag as well and have never come across a problem like this - (except for the wma problems that is - easy to remedy althouugh time consuming) - if you wish you could send me a link to the offending album to download and i'll compare it to mine (rather than asking many many questions), and see if I can find a solution for you.
Im afraid thats the best I can do for you.
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My suggestion is 1 look at extended tags on a few tracks and make sure album artist is in fact various artists. 2 try highlighting tracks and doing a "save" on the tags, then rescan in XBMC. MAKE SURE in MP3Tag options for tags on MP3 that you have read and write ID3v2 set and nothing else set to read/write. (FWIW I've found using APEv2 in MP3 is much better for XBMC -- you need to set the prioritiseape in advancedsettings.xml but that isn't your problem here). Also I think you need to set ID3 to ver 2.3 not 2.4 (I don't think XBMC does 2.4?)

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