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XBMC 12.2 ERROR: Unable to Initialize. Exiting

I have the above error when trying to launch XBMC on a Win 7 x64 Ultimate box.

I have the same version running fine on my own Win 7 x64 computer with no problems at all.

I have tried "Run as Administrator" but the same thing happens, anyone have any ideas? I've done some googling but not come up with much, just someone asking for a log file so I have included one here:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Happening to me too. No idea what could have caused it. I was running a nightly so I guess I might just go back to 12.2 release version. Bummer.
Try and delete the xbmc.log file and/or rename/delete the xbmc use data folder..
I uninstalled xbmc and kept the user data and installed 12.2final and now it's fine... *shrug* That'll teach me to stay away from nightly builds. :-)
Hi, I just installed Frodo on W7, but I got this error.. I've no idea what to do. Drivers are updated.

Could you please help me?

XBMC 12.2 ERROR: Unable to Initialize. Exiting00