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MovieLib - Your movie database on web
Hi (im German - sorry for my english)

I use movielib in KODi 18 Leia RC but my Sources changed from emby nie (native)

Movielib but is Not combitable .....

Can U help.....
just updated my webhosting package to php7.0 .... movielib is not working anymore Sad
any tips/hints how to fix it?
Hi, I was using MovieLib for quite awhile (years), but it got to the stage where Kodi just kept telling me it was no longer compatible. Despite upgrades, and fiddling behind the scenes, it stopped working. I'm assuming that Regss has stopped working on this now, so my questions are:

1) Is there an alternative available that is comparable to this?, or
2) Is there one, or more, people out there who would be willing to take over the project?

I have some limited PHP skills and would be willing to help, but I don't have the expertise required to take on the whole project.
(2013-06-25, 22:59)Regss Wrote: MovieLib is a PHP script allows you to present your video library on your own website. The main advantage is the ability to automatically synchronize the contents of the XBMC database.

- Apache server with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 for script
- XBMC with videos library

InstallationStep 1. Installing php script on server.
Download Movielib script: Movielib
Fetch and unpack it on the server. The script have installer, so start and proceed as directed.
This is tutorial How to install WAMP server locally.

The default password:
Access to the site: user
Access to the admin: admin

Administration panel:
go to admin.php ( )

XBMC for communication with the Movielib website will need the token. It should be generated in the admin panel in token section.

Step 2. Installation XBMC add-on.

Install Movielib addon using my repository: Movielib Addon
Go to addon settings and enter website address and token. URL address must start with http:// and have host name and the name of the directory where the script is located directly, like:
Studio art
If you want a image of studio displaying on right upper corner, you must have image file with studio logo named exactly same as studio name and .png extension. Put this file to folder: templates/[theme]/img/studios/
Much of studios art found it here: https://github.com/XBMC-Addons/media.icons.collection

To synchronize the extrathumbs must be named accordance with the rule:

The script has a full translation in:
- English
- German
- Polish
- French
- Bulgarian
- Danish
- Dutch
- Italian
- Spanish

Thanks for translators.

If you want to help translate:
Transifex: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/movielib-for-xbmc/

watch gallery

v. 2.8.0
- fixed filter delete button
- fixed database tables
- added indexes to database
- added cleaning function
- added function to separate image sync
- rewrited sync function
- fixed filter links
- added delete button for each poster, fanart image in admin panel
- added playcount digit in default view
- added function to autosync webserver settings for control remote (default disabled, to enable it go to settings in admin panel)

v. 2.7.3
- add uhd flag
- add htaccess and mod rewrite
- option to set default sorting
- option to set default watched status
- option to hide the select media header bar
- add imdb link

v. 2.7.2
- added sync episode thumbnail and stream details
- added new episodes view

v. 2.7.1
- added navigate buttons to remote
- added star rating
- added video new flag
- fixed audio and subs flag
- fixed deleting episodes when delete tvshow
- fixed banner
- fixed sync episodes
- added next, prev buttons for extrathumb view
- added cached actors in admin panel
- fixed facebook tags
- added facebook buttons

v. 2.7.0
- added extra thumbs
- added support for multi audio track
- added audio and subtitles language
- now movies info update when XBMC do some changes
- added actors to live search
- rewrite sync functions

v. 2.6.1
- added studio panel
- added studio flags
- added language: Spanish, Italian

v. 2.6.0
- added remote control XBMC
- added support for download video file
- added support for playing video directly
- added filter watched/unwatched

v. 2.5.4
- fixed install process
- added Danish language

v. 2.5.3
- added banner with last played movie or tvshow

v. 2.5.2
- added ability to hide movie or tvshow

v. 2.5.1
- fixed switching between views
- added banner support

v. 2.5.0
- added views

v. 2.4.0
- fixed sync images
- added TVshows
- added filter info

v. 2.3.3
- fixed default poster image in live search
- added checking files integrity
- added checking tables integrity (auto update to new versions)
- added checking if allow_url_fopen is enabled
- added support for movie sets

v. 2.3.2
- fixed graphics for HD movies
- fixed create tables in install process

v. 2.3.1
- fixed sorting

v. 2.3.0
- added cast field
- added actors thumbnail
- added live search

v. 2.2.0
- added trailer support
- added support for sync images stored localy
- added most watched sort option

v. 2.1.0
- synchronization "on-the-fly" (movies, watched status, lastplayed status)
- more filter options

v. 0.9.1
- Better and faster sync with XBMC database
- Fixed some bugs

v. 0.9.0
- Automatically create cache for posters while browsing the site
- View fanarts
- Secure password content
- Synchronization with XBMC
- Easy to change the appearance using skins
- Information movie parameters
- Status of the watched films 

Do, you need any help with this? I am fluent with PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL Servers.
(2019-07-11, 20:31)Zachary.Murphy Wrote:
(2013-06-25, 22:59)Regss Wrote: .....
Do, you need any help with this? I am fluent with PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL Servers. 
Yes please help.
If you connect to it via HTTPS then it also needs HTTPS for the trailers. Otherwise browsers are blocking the external URLs for trailer until manually allowed.
Right now all trailer links are HTTP only (as seen in the admin menu/movie list) hence the error above.

Can you fix that?

Do not get your hopes up. That particular member was "over-enthusiastic" in promoting his offers of assistance...
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(2019-09-10, 10:55)Karellen Wrote: @MnM007

Do not get your hopes up. That particular member was "over-enthusiastic" in promoting his offers of assistance...

I thought it might be too good to be true Smile
Is there a movielib with a new version of php? current i use php 5.6. My hosting company prefer version 7.0
i wrote the Version in Phyton 3 - but i have errors....

the script ca be see @https://github.com/agarnele/script.movielib - i hope i can fix them
(2021-01-27, 12:37)agarnele Wrote: i wrote the Version in Phyton 3 - but i have errors....

the script ca be see @https://github.com/agarnele/script.movielib - i hope i can fix them

are there any news on this ?
i have 2000+ movies, it uploads 600-800 and then, "sync error"..
hello all,

i installed PHP Version 5.6.40 on my server but i still have the same problem.
i delete all records, but after 300-350 records, i have the sync error..

any suggestions ?

any hope on getting this on Kodi 19 to work ?
well, searching for an alternative tool, i found this:

at least there is a developer to answer.. Smile

you can see it in action here:
my setup is Kodi (libreelec @ rpi3) -> Mysql -> www
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