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(2013-07-03, 11:07)Regss Wrote: Try to set chmod to 777 for cache folder.

Check using phpmyadmin in the XBMC database if there are proper URL's to the posters. Table "movie", row "c08" must have one or multiply URL's. Copy one to web browser to see if it works.

Yes, I've already chmod'ed the cache folder to 777.
The poster paths in SQL in the movie table point to local files, not URL's. I use TinyMediaManager to manage my Movie metadata and it creates NFO's with the thumb link in it.
Here's how it looks in MySQL -
<thumb>/home/xbmc/Media/Movies/12 Monkeys (1995)/poster.jpg</thumb>
The XBMC web-app and also HTPC-Manager have no problem pulling in the images....even when viewed externally from my network in a webpage.

UPDATE - I've manually copied the poster path from one movie in the xbmc db to the same movie in the movielib db and the poster shows now. So it looks like for some reason the movielib db isn't pulling the data from the xbmc db for the posters/fanart? It'l pulling everything else though.
The poster info is stored like this in table c08 in the xbmc db
<thumb>/home/xbmc/Media/Movies/Young Frankenstein (1974)/poster.jpg</thumb>
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