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(2014-01-19, 14:41)Unr3aL67 Wrote: ... EDIT: The script creates ' as \' so "Ocean's Eleven" is created and displayed as "Ocean\'s Eleven", I can manually edit those entries but for the plot field that could be a lot of work.
Is that a bug or is something wrong with my charset? If it's just a minor bug, is there an easy way to fix this?

Probably you have magic quotes enabled on server. Replace this function.php I added support for this.

(2014-01-19, 16:14)Unr3aL67 Wrote: Yes I have! Now I get it... Since it is triggered on the two events "Stop playing" and "Refresh library" it is triggered by the refresh on startup and also auto-starts on XBMC startup, am I right? Any Idea how to circumvent this without turning the refresh off?

Greetz, Unr3aL67

service script run movielib script on 3 event:
- start xbmc
- finished update library
- stop playing movie

You can edit addons/script.movielib/ and delete suitable class.
I wonder just which option to remove permanently.
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