MovieLib - Your movie database on web
I'm very pleased with this as it is 'almost' exactly what I wanted.

My only small issue now is that I pretty much have 2 identical MySQL databases on my NAS. The one created by XBMC and the one created by MovieLib.

Could I submit a feature request?

I don't know how easy this would be, but as an alternative to having the addon installed on the XBMC box, for those of us that have multiple XBMC clients that connect to a central DB on MySQL, could it be possible to have MovieLib read that database?

This would then eliminate the need to get the data from the XBMC client because everything would already be in the MySQL DB that XBMC has created.

The only issue could be thumbnails, for this I have a substitute path pointing to a share on my NAS so they are also unified across my XBMC installs without the need for each client to download poster art etc but appreciate in some instances this is frowned upon and people are advised to still have local thumbnails.

Also, no doubt mentioned, would be great to get TV Show data in here as well but it's not a show stopper!

Thanks for at least reading and this is a great little script/add on for allowing me to view my database without having to power on an XBMC client and also to be able to view over the www. Smile
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