MovieLib - Your movie database on web
The application looks awesome. However, I cannot get it working.
This is a new setup with Apache/PHP/Mysql
I set apache to run as myself which gave access rights to /var/www
the directory which the application is in is /var/www/movielib
I ran the installer and that seemed to work
However, I cannot login to the admin page - it simply reloads the login page, if I enter an incorrect password it displays wrong password try again, so that isn't the issue
When looking in phpmyadmin I can see the movielib db has been created and the users have been inserted into the user table
Update: Resolved that issue
However now I am trying to sync the db. The path to the 'script' is this the path of sync.php or admin.php or something else?
Update: Resolved that issue also
The answer is the path to the sync.php file for others that may also run into the same issue.
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