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I need help. I added facebook share&like buttons, and it is working fine. It shares movie by ID, and there is a problem.

Lets say movie called The Maze Runner has ID 30 and shared link is http://server/index.php?id=30 and it is working fine. But when i rescape movie in XBMC, it gets a new ID, and it is no more ID 30, lets say it is now ID 31. So ID 30 does not exist any more. Then when I click on previously shared link on facebook it tries to get me to the movie with ID 30 and instead to get to that movie i get empty movie panel.

It would be really BIG help if you could make filter named title. So instead of ID, we could use http://server/index.php?title=The%20Maze%20Runner

It would really be big help.
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