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(2015-01-19, 22:48)Regss Wrote: XBMC stores URL's to posters in Database and cached copy in Thumbnail folder. When movielib asks for poster XBMC returns the URL that is unavailable. Maybe in future I add support for this and I find some way to get cached images. Now you can use plugins to save watched status and rescrape the database.

I see.

I have the added complication that I'm using a SQL database to sync my video library as well as I have 4 HTPCs all using the same library.

Couldn't I delete the local thumbnail folder on the machine that updates MovieLib so that it's forced to get the URLS from the server again?

BTW, the add-on really is very nice. Well done!

AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\Thumbnails\ seems to contain all the cached posters.. Maybe delete those to regen and update MovieLib? (lol @ 3GB of thumbnails..)
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