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(2015-08-16, 19:08)Regss Wrote: To test actors sync you must delete entire database becouse now actors are synced and movielib not try to update it.
It strange that poster and fanart are synced correctly but actors not. Make sure that folder cache/actors have acces to write to it.

@Regss what database do you mean - the kodi-db or the movielib-db.
The movielib-db I have cleared before starting kodi and movielib-add-on. Kodi-db is untouched.
And no the actors are not synced in the movielib-db the table is empty.
Look at my first post I have wrote that cache and cache/actors set CHMOD 0777

Now I have movielib-debugging set to off and restart Kodi please look at the kodi.log.
Link deleted

Everytime when I start kodi your add-on write the actors in kodi.log
5 Minutes later, I have nothing manipulate at the movielib-db. Link deleted

Here the db-dump Link deleted
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