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(2015-08-17, 21:16)Regss Wrote: I mean movielib-db must be empty (deleted all tables). If you disable debuging in movielib addon I can't see when script have problem with sync actors.
The list of actors that you see in this log is only a info from kodi that some script (movielib) request JSON command. It's important what happen after but you must enable debugging. When movielib database is empty and you start sync you must see a progress bar with syncing actors. To test you can wait to only few actors are synced and stop (quit KODI) then check in movielib db the actors table is filled. Do this when debugging is enabled and past log if actors not syncing.

You tell me that I have to delete all tables that mean in SQL-Syntax I have to drop the tables. Right?
After that kodi.log tells me:
Quote:22:06:22 T:10868 NOTICE: Previous line repeats 2 times.
22:06:22 T:10868 NOTICE: Thread BackgroundLoader start, auto delete: false
22:06:22 T:9856 NOTICE: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: Thread LanguageInvoker start, auto delete: false
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<--
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< XBMC: URL: http://website.dom/movielib
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< XBMC: Debug: true
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< XBMC: Token: 3gv9rz
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< XBMC: Notify: true
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< [REQUEST]: http://website.dom/movielib/sync.php?tok...cksettings
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< [REQUEST]:
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< [REQUEST DATA SIZE]: 0 bytes
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< [RESPONSE]: SELECT * FROM `config`<br>ERROR: MySQL - Table 'usr_web0815.config' doesn't exist
22:06:26 T:10984 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< [GET JSON ERROR]: No JSON object could be decoded
Attention website.dom is a dummy.

What I have done now ist, I deleted, drop all tables, delete all arts in /cache
and upload install.php new. Started the installation again. The only thing I do is that I manipulate the table config because I insert the token.
Then start the add-on, now the add-on would synch the actors first. After ten movies I kill kodi.
No actor pic in /cache/actors
Here the log: Link deleted
Hope it help now.
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