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I found the problem.
When movielib asks for list of actros KODI return only name and role...

22:19:04 T:11168  NOTICE: {"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"limits":{"end":1016,"start":0,"total":1016},"movies":[{"cast":[{"name":"Denzel Washington","order":0,"role":"Bobby"},{"name":"Mark Wahlberg","order":1,"role":"Stig"},{"name":"Paula Patton","order":2,"role":"Deb"}...

In my KODI returned like this:

08:08:50 T:3532  NOTICE: {"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"limits":{"end":13,"start":0,"total":13},"movies":[{"cast":[{"name":"Colin Farrell","order":0,"role":"Marty","thumbnail":"image://"},{"name":"Sam Rockwell","order":1,"role":"Billy","thumbnail":"image://"}...

Some reason your KODI not return URL's to thumbnails.

Now, to make it easier to find the problem. In KODI Settings -> Services -> Web server -> Enable Allow remote control via HTTP on some port
Then in webbrowser use JSON command to show few movies with actors. We see if returned thumbnails:

http://[KODI IP]/jsonrpc?request=%7B%22jsonrpc%22%3A%20%222.0%22%2C%20%22method%22%3A%20%22VideoLibrary.GetMovies%22%2C%20%22params%22%3A%20%7B%22limits%22%3A%20%7B%20%22start%22%20%3A%200%2C%20%22end%22%3A%2010%20%7D%2C%20%22properties%22%3A%20%5B%22title%22%2C%20%22cast%22%5D%7D%2C%20%22id%22%3A%201%7D

KODI IP is a IP address of machine that KODI run. If webbrowser is on this same machine type
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