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Super @Regss for the very quick response.

The missing series is here now and all do very well.

First I have replace this 3 files you tell me, login admin panel and all fine on movielib-webside
After that I started Kodi and the script runs very well. I am wondering that the script tells me that he is erasing more that 8k Arts on webserver. Ok, maybe this are old arts that the bug cant delete in the last weeks/months.
Oh no, thats my mistage I have forgotten to start the movie server, so the script cant find any arts on the server, now the script delete all arts von the webserver too.
And I can tell you the script is very fast. I shutdown Kodi immediately but more than 4k files are deleted on the web server.
After starting the movie server and restart kodi movielib-addon is now uploading this all files again.

Feature request:
Can you verify the connection to the movies and arts locally when you see that the movies are on a other machine then kodi e.g. when using smb, before you start sync?
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