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Notice something new while exploring features, I was clicking through the Genres one at a time on the left menu, when I click into Crime or Family it takes me to those results but I get the following message at the top of the page:

Notice: Undefined variable: img_flag_atype in /var/www/movielib/index.php on line 644

upon examining the code, atype is referring to the audio codec... I will see if i can figure out the file that is doing this

This appears to be the culprit: dtshd_ma

maybe a good solution would be some error checking:

if ($img_flag_atype == NULL) {
$img_flag_atype = uknown

then could simply display unknown for unknown types, instead of it generating errors on the page

for now, I made the following change:

edit index.php, make the following change at line 625 change this:
foreach ($atype_assoc as $key => $val) {
    if(in_array($s['a_codec'], $atype_assoc[$key])) {
to this:
foreach ($atype_assoc as $key => $val) {
    if($s['a_codec'] == "dtshd_ma") {
            $s['a_codec'] = "truehd";
    if(in_array($s['a_codec'], $atype_assoc[$key])) {
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