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(2017-04-06, 03:15)xekon Wrote: I dont have the pink van showing up on mine, but upon viewing the source of your page, I believe that image is there because of ex_thumbs, which stands for extra thumbs.

if you goto the admin section of your site, you can try to disable "Sync extra thumbs" and that *MIGHT* solve your problem, I know I dont have any extra thumbs which is why I probably dont see this phenomenon on my server.

side note, because movielib has already scanned in your films, you may have to set KODI, to drop your libraries and rescrape.

OR! a quicker way so that you dont have to rescrape(can take ages on a large library), is to find the Movielib db in Mysql and delete it! Then after deleting it remove the db.php file and reinstall.

it may even be possible to drop a single table from the Movielib DB that stores the results, I have not really poked around in the movielib mysql db yet.

let me know if you need any more help, I can try and poke around and see what i come up with.

<div class="ex_thumbs"><img src="cache/movies_1808_t1m.jpg"></div>

EDIT: OR YOU CAN EDIT THE Template file or Index file that handles displaying those extra thumbs, and remove the bit about extra thumbs, then it wont display them, this way you wont need to rescrape or mess with the database, I can find this edit for you later tonight.

I forked this project on github, I made a couple custom templates that make use of a wide pc screen thats 1080p, using more of the available space. and a few other changes. Once I get some free time and do a bit of testing I will push the changes to github and submit a pull request to see if Regss is interested in including any of the changes.

Thank you for your hints!
I've resolved commenting index.php lines from 664 to 674.
Next time i'll rescrape my library, i'll also fix also the movielib db...for now is enough a dirty fix.

I'm courious to try your new templates!
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