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Yeah a fileserver is nice. But not everybody want it. In my case I dont want a running system 24/7 in my living room. 
External storages are perfect for my case. 
I found this in the source code "":
I never develop Python but If the condition would everytime Return True, it could sync. Am I right?
Quote:    # check source
    if 'true' in self.setXBMC['CheckSource']:
        jsonGetSource = '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "Files.GetSources", "params": {"media": "video"}, "id": 1}'
        jsonGetSource = xbmc.executeJSONRPC(jsonGetSource)
        jsonGetSource = unicode(jsonGetSource, 'utf-8', errors='ignore')
        jsonGetSourceResponse = json.loads(jsonGetSource)
        if 'result' in jsonGetSourceResponse and 'sources' in jsonGetSourceResponse['result']:
            for s in jsonGetSourceResponse['result']['sources']:
                if xbmcvfs.exists(s['file']) == 0:
                    debug.notify(__lang__(32123).encode('utf-8') + ': ' + s['file'].encode('utf-8'))
                    debug.debug('Source inaccessible: ' + s['file'].encode('utf-8'))
                    return False
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