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I have been looking for something like this for a long time.  I can't believe its been around and I just realized it now.
I finished installing the site (v2.9.1) to a webhosting service.  There were no problems with the install.
I installed the site on the root of the website.  Right in htdocs.  I did not use a subdirectory such as htdocs/movielib/.  I can see the barebones of the movielib website when I go the URL.
I installed the Kodi addon (v1.4.11).
I generated a token through the admin site and configured the Kodi addon with the URL to my site and matched the token.

The Kodi addon, however, will not connect to site.  It gives the error "Can't connect to site".
I have tried changing the token, still can't connect.  I have tried using "HTTP Basic Auth" and putting my admin/adminpassword credentials in - still can't connect.
What am I missing?

Other things to note are that on the Overall Admin page, It says I have " ALLOW URL FOPEN" set to off but phpinfo says it is on.  Not sure if this matters.  I also have checksum mismatches for function.php and sync.php.
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