Gbox mx2 midnight fault (or bricking issue)
Hi all

First of all I love my Gbox midnight when it is working it is a great piece of kit ,like most people I agree it is a fine T.V. box
.But I have had some major issues with the box ,I have had 2 in less than 6 weeks with the same problem ( I am waiting for my third)
The box will be working fine no problem no crashing no problems at all ,you switch it off with the controller and the next time you switch it on it just bricks and will not boot up at all it sticks on the matricom logo and will not even go to the Gbox and Android screen.
I have tried the tooth pick down the A.V. socket and no joy It stays the same . I have lost all confidence in the brand as I think there could be a fault with the product ( much the same as the original xbox 360).
My merchant has been great and sent new ones out to me by return but I am just waiting for the replacement to break. I was wondering if anyone else has had issues like this or if there is a fix for this problem

only gbox devs/people know for sure.
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Mine died today too, exact same problem. My guess is that the power supply burned out from USB devices drawing too much power. I bet you have some USB device plugged in?
Last night my G-Box MX2 also got stuck at "Matricom screen".

It would seem that, unfortunately, the vender Matricom has not provided a User Forum as part of their webpage - only an email address. They haven't had time to respond yet, but it will be revealing for my assessment of their customer support to see how long time it would take.

Looking elsewhere, G-Box Midnight Canada is more informative than Matricom Florida.

As you can see from the link, G-Box-Midnight-Canada has made available an un-official bootloader repair for Gbox MX2's stuck on the "Matricom screen" ( However, a comment suggests that this fix was received directly from Matricom on 16 July.

A procedure for applying the fix is detailed. Along the way it is said that updating the firmware to 1.1.4b (Beta) is recommended but your unit must already have the 1.1.4 installed (links are provided).

While writing this message, I got the following response from [email protected]:


You can find the fix for the firmware at under the BETA-DEV ZONE

or to directly from this link:

This should get you on your way!
I had many problems with G Box2 Midnight, only wanted to use for XBMC on my tv, sent it back
they reset and all was well until today, stuck now on Android screen and does nothing, I am
supposed to do some toothpick thing which never worked the first time, are we guinea pigs or
what, what a waste of money.
Really many times do we have to mention this same problem. This issue has been resolved months ago.. See HERE... Remember, GOOGLE is your best friend when searching for MX2 problem resolutions aside from the Matricom forums. The XBMC forum may not be able to help you directly!

Please keep in mind...NONE of these pre $100 android boxes are perfect, so you may want to steer clear if you're not very tech savvy and need an HTPC working 100% out of the box!!!! However, if you do decide to take a chance with one please be prepared for minor issues here and there that may require some proactive research in order to resolve. XBMC forums are not the place to vent your frustrations with your ANDROID TVbox issues!!
Had my Gbox for about 6mths and it worked perfect. Turned it on today and nothing happens. The light is on and the HDMI is plugged in, still nothing. Any advice?
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