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XBMC Video Server: stream/download your library contents
@Sp4rh4wk: you use as the backend adress, that will only work if you browse from the computer that runs XBMC. Look at the proxy documentation in the README. If you have any problems with that approach, search this thread for keywords like "DNS" or "hostname", there are lots of other people who have asked the exact same question.
[quote='negge' pid='1734970' dateline='1402868186']
@sp8ced21: so you got it working on your Synology? Could you post the steps you used, or was it just a matter of copying all the files from a completed installation?

Hey Negge, yeah i have it working with synology on DSM 5.0

steps are:

post deleted as better solution for implementation on synology nas please see post Synology install guide
Try to find the main Apache configuration file and pastebin it. I don't have a Synology so there's nothing I can do.
(2014-06-18, 19:23)negge Wrote: Try to find the main Apache configuration file and pastebin it. I don't have a Synology so there's nothing I can do.

ok heres a pastebin of httpd.conf file for apache

Apache httpd.conf file synology

seemingly the httpd.conf is create by another file acording to synology wiki main file as i ready it is httpd.conf.sys which is below

quote from wiki:

Quote:Main configuration is stored in /etc/httpd/conf. In this location you'll find httpd.conf-sys and httpd.conf-user. The startup script for the system webserver (serving the DSM gui) is /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/S97apache-sys.sh will generate httpd.conf from httpd.conf-sys, /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/S97apache-sys.sh uses httpd.conf-user to generate httpd.conf. Therefor modifications should be make in httpd.conf-user only.

main apache config
Thanks for this great app.

I did a new server install and ran into a 500 error about the timezone. The solution wasn't in this thread, so I thought I'd post it for those behind me that might run into it.

You have to edit php.ini to uncomment the timezone line and set it to yours. Here's a link to the valid options:

php timezones

Now, I have a question.

What's the best free, multi-platform streaming client to use?

(2014-06-18, 20:31)MadClicker Wrote: What's the best free, multi-platform streaming client to use?

i have to say vlc plays everything you throw at it and its available on everything and probably some things you never heard of lol so id personally recommend that can be downloaded from VLC Player Download
@sp8ced21: from what I can tell, it includes every .conf file from a folder (see the quote below), in there you should be able to create a file which contains the necessary directives for setting up the reverse proxy. The proxy module seems to be loaded so that shouldn't be a problem. You should probably Google for how to do some generic Apache-related things on a Synology if none of this is familiar to you.

Quote:<VirtualHost *:80>
Include sites-enabled-user/*.conf

@MadClicker: I've seen that issue before too, just never thought about documenting it cause I think I only saw it on another project I was working on, and once you fix it by modifying your php.ini it works for all future projects too. What platform are you using (aka. which operating system?
(2014-06-18, 23:08)negge Wrote: @MadClicker: I've seen that issue before too, just never thought about documenting it cause I think I only saw it on another project I was working on, and once you fix it by modifying your php.ini it works for all future projects too. What platform are you using (aka. which operating system?

I'm building my own custom distro based on linux mint 16.

well after many many many many hours of playing with config files, googleing and reading pages of post on the synology forums to get my synology revers proxy working, tonight i have cracked it Smile can now play and stream from outside my local network, bit more testing to do first just to be sure.

negge, once i finished testing it all and im 100% happy i will post the configs and setups and you can post it for other peeps who want to use this on synology to host video server using reverse proxy.

persistance finally paid off although i must admit i was close to throwing in the towel lol anyways bed time now
negge, can you shed some light on below error for me i got this all working now only 1 issue and that when i attempt to create or amend a users details i get below error, but all users i had prre created whilst on my local machine work just seem to affect add or amending pre existing user or adding new ones

Quote:is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/dev/urandom) is not within the allowed path(s): (/etc.defaults:/etc:/usr/syno/synoman:/tmp:/var/services/tmp:/var/services/web:/var/services/homes)

Issue above is now fixed: needed to append /dev/urandom in web station module.

also quick question when i access the video server from a mobile device, the poster images for videos dont load same on tv shows main menu list they just appear as a list with no images even if grid view is on, once you select a tv show though the episodes all show images fine just seems to be main video and tv list affected, is this by design or is this an error? when i connect via non mobile connection on pc/lappy all load fine.
I just fixed the performance issues under windows.

Please add this to your guide, simply always use an IP address instead of localhost.
@a5447402 that's great!

I think I'll enable the wiki feature on Github and move all installation instructions there, that way it can more easily be expanded to cover more platforms (like Synology).
Synology DSm 5.0 or Higher

Anyone following these instructions do so at your own risk, these are here a ref guide to help get this running on synology Nas.

This section contains instructions on how to install this application Synology DSm 5.0 or higher. If you're using another version of the above or a different distribution altogether you'll eventually have to adapt them slightly. The instructions assume that your shell user.
to install this you will need PUTTY and for some things you can use WinSCP instead (will give you file view)
When using Putty or WinSCP or similar programme remember username is "root" and the password is your synology admin password.

Before you begin you must complete the following setups before the server files can be installed.

also Install git server from package center by synology (do not use syno community package)

Ensure SSH is enabled this can be done via - Control Panel>>>Terminal & SNMP tick "ENABLE SSH"

1. Enable Web station - Controll Panel>>Web Services (there are two tabs at top web services and php make sure it selected on web services)
Tick ENABLE Web Station (will create folder in shared folders called "WEB"
Click "Virtual Host" under "Enable Web Station" click Create
Set "sub folder" as xbmc-video-server
Set "Hostname" as http://yourddns.example.com
Set "Port" default is 80 ( if you wish to use a different port see below step)
To have a different port enable "HTTP Service" tick "Add additional Port" and enter your prefered port number.

2. Staying in Same menu the tab at top will say "PHP Settings" select this
Ensure "Enable Cache" is ticks
Ensure "Customize PHP open_basdir" is ticked
underneath this you will see a box which will have the following or similar


click on this go to the end and paste in the following with no spaces


Once done above click APPLY to save the changes.

3. Ussing Putty SSH - enter the below command

Quote:vi /etc/php/conf.d/extentions.ini

#find line ;extension = phar.so, then remove ";" then save it

(you can use WinSCP to manually navigate to this file drag it to your desktop open in word pad edit as above save and paste it back to replace original file)

Synology DSm 5.0

Run the following commands, one by one, in the exact order shown here:
(Volume - is whatever your shared volume is called in this example its volume 1)

Quote:cd /volume1/web
git clone git://github.com/Jalle19/xbmc-video-server.git
cd xbmc-video-server
curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
mv composer.phar /usr/bin/composer
php composer.phar install
./src/protected/yiic createinitialdatabase
./src/protected/yiic setpermissions

Finally, after saving the file you must restart Apache either go into Synology Web Gui and select restart or via ssh "httpd -k restart" (ive found ssh way to be hit or miss)
Update via SSH in Putty

To update your copy of the software to the latest version, run the following commands at root via ssh:

Quote:cd /your volume name/web/xbmc-video-server
git pull
php composer.phar install
./src/protected/yiic migrate --interactive=0

If you encounter the following error on trying to update
Quote:Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge. Aborting
then type the following command
Quote:git checkout -- /your volume name/web/xbmc-video-server
then complete the update as normal.

Once done this will give you up and running xbmc-video-server on synology, most encoutered errors are usually file permission issue so make sure you have correct file permision set for your Web folder.

This will allow for update using SSH

Setup Reverse Proxy on synology

you can use SSH and vi to accomplish this process but my preferred method is below as in my eyes it easier and more user friendly.

Using WinSCP navigate to following file in your synology root folder "httpd-vhost-user" : - /etc/httpd/sites-enabled-user/httpd-vhost.conf-user double click to open the file in notepad.

in the file you will find the following or similar

Quote:NameVirtualHost *:80
NameVirtualHost *:36331
<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName *
DocumentRoot /var/services/web
<VirtualHost *:36331>
ServerName *
DocumentRoot /var/services/web
<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName xbmc.example.net
DocumentRoot "/var/services/web/xbmc-video-server"
ErrorDocument 403 "/webdefault/sample.php?status=403"
ErrorDocument 404 "/webdefault/sample.php?status=404"
ErrorDocument 500 "/webdefault/sample.php?status=500"


underneath the above paste in the following before </VirtualHost>:

Quote:AllowEncodedSlashes On

<Location /xbmc-vfs>
ProxyPass http://xbmc.example.com:8080/vfs
ProxyPassReverse http://xbmc.example.com:8080/vfs
RequestHeader set Authorization "Basic eGJtYzp4Ym1j"

once entered save and restart apache or restart the entire synology diskstation.
hey negge or anyone

have any idea what is causing the below? i can download file to my pc and play it fine, if i turn off the playlists in settings i can play the file in web browser using url but with playlist on i get the below error when opening the stream in vlc

Quote:VLC can't recognize the input's format:
The format of 'http://xbmc.mydns./com/xbmc-vfs/smb%3a%2f%2fMATRIX%2fXMBC%20Media%2fMovies%2fbatteries%20not%20included%20(1987)%2fbatteries%20not%20included%20(1987).mp4' cannot be detected. Have a look at the log for details.

im useing vlc v2.1.3 from memory vlc hasnt updated any ideas?
@sp8ced21: can you check whether the URLs are identical (the one in the playlist and the one that plays directly in the browser)? If the file can be downloaded it would suggest it's a VLC problem.
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