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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-07-19, 17:16)saudagar Wrote: newbie qtn... I followed the steps.. and i on windows 7/ 12.2 frodo i can launch pseudo tv.. When Pseudo TV starts.. by default it runs the 'Heart TV'.. how can i see other internet TV's which are configured in settings2.xml.. i see that there is sky news hd, and MTV live as well.. but i dont know on windows how to access the guide.

(I had never used the old PTV)

To access the guide hit "enter" on your keyboard or select "ok" on your mce remote.

To access info screen hit "i" on your keyboard or "info" on your mce remote.

Change channels using "up" "down" on your keyboard or Channel "up / down" on your mce remote.

If you have any suggests on how I could make the instructions clearer let me know... Never thought of adding information for ppl who never used PTV b4 Tongue
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