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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-07-24, 05:48)blobdole Wrote:
(2013-07-24, 05:29)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-07-24, 05:03)blobdole Wrote: So this is really starting to frustrate me.

I've reinstalled like 10 times now and spent a good 12 hours today on this and finally got everything working perfectly, all live channels and local media working great. Decided to update to the latest version that was updated 3 hours ago, now for some reason I'm having the same problem I was earlier... This time my ABC channel wont load. It will either load correctly, load the previously played live channel, or not load at all by buffering and saying unplayable media.

I tried re-installing every single older version of PTVL on the git to fix it, but I can't get the channels to work right again no matter which version I try now......

Also, I know it sounds like the settings2 is either messed up or the hdhomerun stream is not working. But I've verified both 1000 times... The settings2 has the correct xmltv channels info and the correct EPG info shows up for the channel regardless if the channel loads or bugs out. As for the hdhomerun stream, I verified that the stream still works and plays flawlessly outside of PTVL, and that the correct stream is in the settings2 for each channel. I've done that last part so many times it's not even funny. To top that off, when everything was working 100% perfectly, I backed up the settings2 file and deleted it. Restarted the computer and pasted the backup, everything worked, so it can't be the settings2 file. I had it all working flawlessly until I pasted the files that were updated 3 hours ago, then ABC quit loading...

I did notice that if I changed the xmltv link for ABC to a different channels xmltv, then the channel would work, but show the wrong EPG info (obviously since not correct xmltv). But if I use the right channels XMLTV then the EPG loads all the correct info, but the ABC channel won't load... I had the same exact problem the day before with FOX and other channels, it seems to be randomly effecting channels. I did try schedules direct instead of the default but it then made other channels experience this issue.

Here is my log showing channel 3 (ABC) not loading for some reason:

Could it be this?

21:57:42 T:2824 DEBUG: CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers(hdhomerun://103BD3DB-1/tuner1?channel)

with the italic being incorrect, even though the right stream link is in the settings2.xml??

Here are my settings2.xml:


Everytime you have a problem with PTVL...

rename your settings2.xml to settings2.xml.old
delete cache folder
go into PTVL settings click default
then run PTVL... if it works, then problem is with your links or your settings2 syntax...
if PTVL doesn't load, its something wrong with PTVL

BTW your logs only problem is it shows your m3u's have no data...are you changing channel configurations a lot?
if you are you should delete your cache folder before each major (major being changing what was a livetv channel to local or vice versa) change.

I changed settings2 to settings2.old
deleted cache
Clicked default in PTVL
Ran PTVL and it opened only with offline media and vevo etc..
I changed the xmltv path in PTVL
ran xmltv to update
updated a new settings2 with correct and working stream
updated settings 2 with correct xmltv info for that channel

opened PTVL and channel 3 won't load again.. I guess I give up, sorry for annoying you with my problem, but I've spent too much time on this and can't figure it out..

I understand... But you have to avoid assuming its the plugin until you've exhausted all other possibilities.

If one hdhomerun channel plays fine in ptvl and ABC doesn't its a clear indication that the problem is on your end.

If I were you I would delete all strms generated by hdhomerun... Rescan channels, rebuild strms... Use one of those sources for your settings2...
I would also try leaving out from your xmltv channel id in settings2

(2013-07-24, 05:55)scilz Wrote: any luck with the checking of strms when ptv live loads?. if you can get that to work it would be great ive noticed that alot of my strms go ofline but they always seem to come back within a few hours. i kept removing them and then adding the same ones back not realizing they where the same stream if you can get the check to work i can easily build a settings2 with 200 channels. if i wanted to and not have to worry to much bout checking it. ive been trying to do a update for 3 days but with channels going in and out i have not really got anywhere. i did get veetle to work without the plugin tho wich will give us some good channels on next settings2 update.

Not an easy solution... Its time consuming to verify urls... Takes 10mins to load....

When final is released it will include a service that runs at a scheduled time. It will URL verify, trigger xmltv update, and defrag settings2
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