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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-07-30, 20:48)saudagar Wrote:
(2013-07-30, 20:28)Lunatixz Wrote: @saudagar, Please edit your post, remove snippet and post full log on pastebin... is this with default generated settings2.xml?

@j2048b, I don't support problems using the preconfigured settings2.xml...

There is a growing problem with users having difficulty getting scliz settings2.xml to work correctly (User error/Dead Links).
If PTVL is working fine with the default settings2.xml it's a clear indication where the problem is, and you're responsible for fixing it...
My program works, but your not configuring it correctly... sorry I can't help each user configure there set up, its up to you which is why I spent a lot of time writing the first three posts...
Which leaves me only two choices; Remove this helpful file, and leave users responsible for building their own.
Or ask politely if your using this settings2.xml and you're having problems getting PseudoTV Live working,
Please don't post your problems!! If however when using the default generated settings2.xml or your custom list feel free to post...

for me... PTVL works fine without using settings2.xml posted in initial posts...

For error above.. i see in settings2.xml was using & .. which is special character for xml.. so i removed it it went fine.. but it keeps on failing on "some" not all rtmp links... which i dont understand why..

I appreciate your efforts.. and understand you dont want to spend time w/out logs and other details... can you modify one of the initial posts
and specify requirements and procedure to updload the log file? i looked at for the process.. but problem with PTVL is once it fails we cannot move to another screen usually i kill the xbmc session and next session log should probably append and can be uploaded. I will do so and paste the link.. in case you are interested in fixing with settings2.xml from scilz?

I am using win7/xbmc 12.2

Update: Just checked when i restart XBMC, it restarts the log so next session log is not useful.. should i upload log to site like mediafire etc?

Don't worry about the log... I will post the correct info for posting logs... I don't need yours since we know it works, just not with someone elses settings2.xml...

Hope you are able to configure your own settings so that you can enjoy the program...
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