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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Been a while, been just dealing with a few issues. One of my installs is pretty stable, EPG is way off ie never accurate even after a PTVL restart, but I'm ok with that.

2nd install is a nightmare.

1. Crashes on its own all the time (XBMC) after running PTVL for long periods of time (I have auto off timer disabled)
2. PTVL EPG is off, same as first install
3. Sometimes when scrolling through a channel is not populated. The logo is there, but no shows are listed. TV Stream is still running but can't get out of EPG.
4. When scrolling through the EPG it'll lock up and stop responding to key presses. TV Stream is still running just fine but EPG is locked up and can't get out of it. If I could just close the EPG that'd be fine, but XBMC loses the ability or the PTVL script blocks the ability for XBMC to respond to any presses.

Anyone experience these issues? The key differentiating parameter: Wired/Wireless. The only thing I can think of without digging into the log (wife keeps seeing these issues and the logs are wiped after her button mashing and restarting) is that the PTV core isn't robust enough to handle delays, hiccups, etc due to the wireless. It goes to find an M3U listing, lags a bit, goes apeshit, button script goes haywire, and it can't recover.

Before I go modding again, curious if anyone's experienced this shit.

PS if you say wire my box, I'll stab you in the eye with a spork. K thnx. Utilities should be robust enough to handle errors in network transmission.
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